The Best SPAM filter

No if you’re thinking of Outlook even with all it’s patches from Microsoft
and not even to their 2007 or older 2003 versions. The SPAM filter out there and
you can ask anyone who has used it before, is Gmail. The highly popular web mail
from Google that striked the Internet one day offering One Full Gigabyte of
webspace and has grown to more Gigabytes since.

It’s safe to say, a lot of people are having their own domain, if not domains
nowadays, it’s cheap to own your own name now anyway but the kind and amount of
SPAM coming into these mailboxes are overwhelming. I’ve setup most of my POP3
accounts to be retrieved by Gmail and I can access all of them from one
interface, GMAIL style.

Read about Mail Fetcher

Diligently ticking and clicking Report SPAM also does help yourself in
reducing SPAM so, do yourself a favour, do it.