New Theme

It’s been like a few years since the last theme change. Here’s a simple one,
something clean with simple colors. Everything else is still there, articles,
gallery etc. I’ll be updating the articles section soon as I think there’s some
missing or mislink all over the articles.

Traffic to is still ongoing but hits are going more and more to the
pano site. Maybe a new domain name for the dedicated pano site who knows. Been
very active on that pano site than on abd yes again, articles…it’s
been a very long while I know, i know, soon i hope. Been trying out a lot of new
things, VMware, hardware stuffs, pocket PC, cameras…just did not have the
engergy as i would like to be updating this site as often as I like. With blogs
around and forums, there seem to be nothing no one cannot find nowadays.

Magazines is still a very big part of me and
has been a money saver for me. Check them out. i subscribe to like 4
mags there delivered to my desktop the minute it is available. All i need is
something 7 inches screen big, portable, Vista and XP Pro capable, a built in CF
card slot will be nice too. HTC Shift? Samsung and Sony has their own offerings
at really high prices…

See you soon, for now.

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Canon EOS 40D announced.

Check out

Most important and interesting for me will be the WFT-E3/E3A wireless transmitter*censored*grip. It’s been too long since this accessories is introduced into this range of Canon DSLR. Of course, there’s also the “Instead of instantly powering down when the CF card door is opened the EOS 40D displays a warning message and a countdown of how many more images are being written before it is safe to remove the card. At long last!”. At last, there is this mechanism in place for after so long. This CF Card slot feature is the same as on the 1D Mark III.