What powers thepiratebay?

so what exactly powers thepiratebay?

More pics @ http://tfr.org/tpb/

From HP to Dell to IBM, Cisco and a mysterious looking red box haha/ load balancer? firewall maybe?

Then check out the full hardware stats http://static.thepiratebay.org/

It’s interesting to see such things that site operators are willing to share.

I went searching after looking at this article and this one later about them developing new protocols.


Save your firefoxes!

ui.key.chromeAccess to 5
ui.key.contentAccess to 4


Vista I am.

I’m back dual booting vista with Widows XP Pro SP2. It’s hell better this time with a lot more support from drivers to software.

One tiny problem, I can’t log into Windows LIVE Messenger, no matter what!

This (source) solved it.

Try this:
– Click start
– Type: cmd
– Right-click cmd.exe when it appears under Applications
– Click Run As Administrator
– Type the following: netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
– Press enter
– Restart your computer

I did not have to restart my PC, it worked immediately. Here’s a shortlist of stuffs I am running with no problem.

– PTGui 7.2
– Hugin 0.7 beta 3
– Pano2QTVR 1.6.6
– Pleinpot 1.8.8
– Photomatix Pro 2.5
– Pain Shop Pro 7 (yes 7!)
– Photoshop CS2
– Winzip 10
– Winamp 5.33
– Daemon Tools 4.10 86
– Firefox
– Forceware 169.04 VISTA
– setpoint400 for my Logitech S510 keyboard/ mouse
– Razor Copperhead Driver: v6.10 Firmware: v6.19
– Picasa 2.7 build 37.36.0
– Ultramon 3.0.0×32
– Syntoy 1.4
– A-Patch 8.5
– AVG 7.5 (haha it’s free!)

Something else useful I found to auto login to Windows Vista:

1. Click the Start button, type ‘netplwiz’ and hit enter or click that name on the Start menu.

2. In the GUI window that comes up uncheck the “Users must enter a username and password to use this computer’ box, then click ‘Apply’

3. In the new dialog box that opens type the name of the account you want to auto-logon by default. If the account is not normally passworded then leave the password blank, if the account is passworded then enter the password where indicated. Click OK your way out of both dialogs.

The account must already exist before you do this. I do not recommend that you create accounts without passwords. I do not recommend that you auto-logon your ‘Administrator’ account, use another account name with some admin privilages if you need to. Use this at your own risk, I do not accept any responsibility for anything that happens as a result of you using this.

Thanks Spooky!

and lastly, something everyone want. Disable the irritating UAC!


Remember the guy who ate his words?

Yep, he did, remember Bob Metcalfe? He ate his coloumn remember? Yep, ate it when he say the Internet will “die”.


Well, yes, it did not and has not.

Also check out how happy he was eating it after. http://www.merit.edu/mail.archives/nanog/1997-04/msg00192.html

oh, by the way, he founded 3COM.

Vista Fails.

It just fails. Singapore, Feb 1 – 4 2007 was the big “WOW” experience if any of you still remembers. The delight of seeing all the nice looking shrinked wrapped copies of Vista and the so many versions of it, we’ll come to that, the nice looking pavilion, the tech talk to the public and demostration of Vista and Office 2007.

Shortly after that, was the yearly IT Show 2007. Over the peroid of March 8 to 11 2007, visitors were once again fed with eye candies of Vista, Office 2007, Microsoft, buy buy buy…

Then it hit those who has bought back in March. I was using Vista Enterprise around 2 weeks before the Singapore launch. Enterprise versions were given out to partners who had to rush to install their hardware like new PCs and laptops that are to be launched with Vista. I went back to Windows XP Pro SP2 in 5 days.

Choices, options. It’s just darn confusing for the average PC user. Everyone just want the Ultimate version. Fullstop. See the versions here. Ultimate, Home Premium, Home Basic, Business and Enterprise. Who cares what has this that the other editions do not have? Just get the one that has everything but wait. it’s $665SGD (Source) for the ultimate edition.

It just doesn’t work. Recent rollouts (bigger page) of workstations that will eventually replace SESOPS Windows XP SP2. Need I say more or why?

What failed then?

Developers not being able to get the drivers up in time for one. When Windows XP was launched, it was fairly easy to be able to switch over from whatever we were running then, Windows 98, Windows 95 even to the polish Windows XP. The look of it was just enough reason then drivers were of no problem for printers, graphic cards, motherboards, anything you throw at it.

Enter Vista, back in Feb 2007, I tried it and the frustration, the installation was fine even on my relatively new motherboard and everything (Asus P5WDG2-WS), even sound drivers was detected after the installation, I pretty much do not had to do anything for the bare vanilla version of Vista but there’s about where it all ends.

There wasn’t ways for me to burn DVD backups of my webservers using mine and I believe many others’ favourite Nero, CD/DVD image mounting tools crashes it (Daemon Tools), Games do not run at optimum performance thus a driver upgrade ws tried for the graphic card (XFX7800GT) followed by bluescreens and errors, I gave up. Went back to Windows XP Pro after a week.

Cool Gmail again

Gmail automatically knows a “EV” USPS number and will bring up a link to track your package. Well, ZDNet knew it a year ago! GMail will put up a link and track a UPS and Fedex package too!


How cool is that? So whose cooler? ZDNet or Gmail? BOTH!

tinyURL to the rescue

Long URL to send to someone? If you have not heard, try this out. tinyURL and what is a godsend is this, the Firefox TinyURL

Check it out http://mozmonkey.com/tinyurl/

If you have not realised, I host this site and a few other sites from home running off VMWare, off one PC, off Linux thus the long long long URL at times that I have to send to people to access certain photos or articles to solutions they may need. The gallery is at times, a nightmare link, so long it gives my email reply a really ugly look.

It’s all in the nice formatted reply! I was sending this link out to friends asking how do they mount what they bought or going to buy from TagoTech.

Imagine sending this


or this


See my point?! Enjoy the tool.

HP Mediascape

Interesting concept.

mediascapes are mobile, location-based experiences that incorporate digital media with the sights, sounds, and textures of the world around you. A mediascape blends digital images, video, audio and interactions with the physical landscape. Games, guided walks, tours, and destinations are among the mediascapes created to date. Download a mediascape onto a portable device, and see how your landscape comes alive as you move through the environment.”

Pardon the really oudated design, see http://www.toweroflondontour.com/who’re using this to guide tourist and play a game or 2 of escaping the tower just like real life prisioners did 300 years ago.

Check out http://www.mscapers.com/

Password-ed BT files

What the fuck is the use of having a password on files you want to share? It’s just dumb as it’s eventually when someone actually have it on a non password stream/BT to share to the rest of the world and or someone actually repacking it up and redistributing it as a whole file.

It isn’t even a movie or TV show bittorrent file I am talking about. I know those files get this kind of treatment all the time to drive temporary traffic to these guys website using the excuse of what? To protect their privacy and the downloader’s privacy.  What nonsense? It’s like those forums where you actually have to click on “Yes, I’m above 18 years old” to register or tick on the 3 screen longs “Agreement” to pass that time wasting page. Anyone below 18 years old know they have to click to bypass that and or putting a tick to agree. What’s the point then? Protect the website hosting that actual forum? It’s not even porn sites, from technology forums to just some talk shop.


So back to the password-ed BT files. If the CIA or FBI or any organisation that wants to catch the seeder/ person providing that file, do you think they do not have the brains or technologies to like, guess your passwords? No wonder people say people are dumb…I an google and found a actual RAR file cracks in seconds. Organisations that are trying to get these people most probably have something of miltary grade and can crack the password if they can’t get the passwords from the “Instructions” which was provided in my rar file. It typically tells you to:

1. Go to this webpage, some dumb page that may not even load for the matter.

2. Enter your email address, with bold underlined text saying it doesn’t have to be your email address. It’s like WTF?!

3. On the next page, there’ll be green text, that’ll be your password oh and or some puzzle fun, take the first 2 characters, add that to _ _ U P I D. hmmm, let’s see. oh yes. It’s stupid.

So what’s more efficient? SPAM to get traffic to their sites? I do not know why they want traffic to their site in the first place when people will be providing bogus email address in the first place and any simple javascript checker for forms will only detect if there’s a dot (.), a com, a net or .org or whatever with a @ and something, anything before the @.

And by the way, I was downloading a lesser known Linux distribution I saw on Distrowatch and found a BT seed on Mininova through Google.