Vpost Woes…

Payment after payment, I really feel like giving up on my books from Amazon.com

19 Oct 2007 – Books Order – Total cost $69.34USD

19 Oct 2007 – Send Invoice to Vpost USA

23 Oct 2007 – No reply from Vpost USA, reminder mail sent

2 Nov 2007 07.30am – Amazon.com confirmed item shipped.

8 Nov 2007 07.04am – VPost asking for payment – – SGD$44.78, paid.

8 Nov 2007 10.08pm – “Items received at vPOSTUSA Shipping Centre” [email protected] again, saying parcel received for shipping but

“Due to insufficient information, we are not able to match your package(s) against your invoice(s) you had submitted to us (please refer to the above table). We need the following assistance from you:1. Email us your invoice at [email protected] or fax at 68413982, if you have not done so

2. Reply to us which of the above package(s) is associated with the invoice(s) you have submitted to us. For example, Package Box No (F9999) is associated with Invoice No: 123456789

3. If your merchant has provided you with the tracking number for sending your package to the US Shipping Centre, please email us the tracking number of each package to faciliate the matching of your package(s).

4. Please ignore this email if you had already emailed us your invoice. We shall have your invoice updated soon to match to your indicated package”

god damn it! i resend the invoice again on 9 Nov 2007 12.19am, exactly the same!!!

12 Nov 2007 9.01pm – “vPOSTUSA Invoices received and entered, We wish to inform you that we have successfully updated the following invoice(s) into our system on 12/11/2007″

12 Nov 2007 – More payments?! WTF, whatever, SGD$10.63 paid

If I ordered from Amazon.com and paid everything, it’ll be “Shipping and Handling: USD$24.95


Vpost has since charged me SGD$44.78 + SGD$10.63 = $55.41

It actually cost more, takes longer and VPOST interface sucks big time! Payment after payment, I had a hard time tracking my items I eventually gave up!

Don’t use Vpost unless you really ordering things from some online store that refuses to ship to Singapore!

17 Nov 2007 – 1st book received…where’s the rest?

20 Nov 2007 – 2nd book received! darn, one more book waiting….
5 Dec 2007 10.10pm – Item recieved at vpost again but they want me to sent the invoice again!8 Dec 2007 – Item matched mail from vpost. Pay SGD$12 to ship me my last book…

12 Dec 2007 – Last book arrived…

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