Digitalise Scent

Scent. One of the many things that technology hasn’t been able to actually digitalise, store, retrieve, read, write over and over again. Replaying them over and over again.

There were many companies during the era with promising (after getting pumped with lotsa money) technology and approach in digitalising scent. I have long wanted this to come true. Saw Perfume, The Story of a Murderer? Not that hardcore please. Morever, that’s killing but it does show what an obsession it can be for some to be able to store and relive smell over and over again. Scents to me are something that bring along a lot of memories and at times, more than what photos can actually offer. Weird? Not really. Studies have shown that “scent is the strongest link to memory and can stimulate natural development of deficient chemicals in the brain.

“When people smell things, they are linked immediately and unconsciously to the past,” she said. “When you take a vitamin or an essential oil, it is made up of the same molecules as the body. It uses what it needs and the rest is eliminated.”” (- Source)

We do remember things better with a certain scent than seeing it physically. Memories return instantaneously with the passing of certain scent.

The day may just come when we simply have to “Click here to try our new fragrances”, online. Gone will be the days of bundled”scent cards” that comes with ladies/men/fashion/whatever magazines all the time, the small little cards slips at shopping centers where you spray a little of whatever fragrances that may fancy you or your loved ones.

With a multi billion dollar industry of selling scent by the perfume makers, all I know, they may very well be doing exactly that already. As I am typing this, they are trying very hard to change whatever scent they have made into zeros and ones. We reproduce videos, text, photos, sounds…things we actually can physically touch and feel. We can see, hear and listen all the time. Couldn’t the computer have done something for our noses?

Technology nightmare? It may be. I’m imagining being able to reproduce any scent. Rusting of metal, smell of a new book, scent of a person’s hair after showering…anything. The combination will be infinite. Maybe till someone is able to solve the infinite theory will we be able to do this? That’s unrelated damn it.

Someday and I hope it’ll be within this lifetime will I be able to be say buried with DVD or rather Blu-Ray copies of my favourite scents till eternity and someone after me will know, what was my favourite scent or smell when I was alive.