No Such Thing as Privacy

Why does people still do not get it? There is no such thing as privacy. Don’t surf the Internet or put your name, see previous post, real name or photos on the Internet if you don’t respect your privacy.

First, Google Streetview got slammed. It’s a cool technology that brings 360 pano to a whole new level. They got guys driving around New York snapping away with their panorama camera mounted on their vehicle.

Then, Google Apps Term of Service (ToS), stating that (since changed), Google reserves the right to modify and publish user’s content in Google Apps to promote Google’s services. Don’t use it if you’re paranoid in reading the Terms of Service in the first place. For the average user, convenience is key. So who cares?! Google shouldn’t! It’s common sense not to put important or sensitive data on the Net just for convenience sake you goon! The level of convenience needs to be balanced and weight by your common sense to your personal level of comfortability.

Say a resume. Would you save it online? Some actually blog about their or offer it as a download so potential employers, at least in theory, will visit your nice little blog or website to download a copy? Wake up dude! It ain’t gonna happen. You want the jb, print a copy, bring it during your interview and pray you don’t suck at it.

Common sense will tell you your credit card details and details will include the credit card number (duh!), expiry date and the security codeswill be one thing never to store online and preferably not even on your PC if you are paranoid. If you do, make sure you know how to protect it, passwords, encrpytion, heck, make the PC a standalone PC, not networked or connected to the Internet. PC and laptop are cheap now even in Singapore so consider!

So, back to streetview, it’s Singapore for god sake so don’t start. We’ll not whine about it if it’s implemented here and I do hope it will be! It’s like photography, if I am taking from a public place of say, a commercial building example, across the road with a tele lens, the security cannot come over, crossing the road and tell you that it is not allowed and it is not illegal unless you have the intention to do something bad about it/ to the building.

Recently, a geek friend told me, he wants privacy. He blogs but he only wants people to know as much things as he blogs ONLY. Nothing more. I think, you want privacy, you don’t live with an Internet connection, period.

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