Partition Magic for Mac OS X?

There don’t seem to be such an application. I was meddling around my Mac OS X Leopard and created one more partition on top of the 2 I am using for MAC OS X Leopard and Windows (Bootcamp). My company’s VPN do not work well with Parellell-ed Windows booting up from the Bootcamp partition thus at times, I will need to boot into “full” windows mode. One extra partition as I was trying to increase my Bootcamp partition size in the end, messed up more things…

The solution was seems to be the only one as I was in a hurry to restore my Mac back to it’s original condition with a bigger harddisk size. A little help came from here.

Apple should make it easier I hope in future release.

I backed up my WIndows partition using WinClone into OSX’s partition.

I started Bootcamp Assistant, restore the harddisk to it’s original 250Gb ,

WinClone back the backed up partition file. It’s a single file and it’s done. With a newly partition 100Gb for me dedicated for Windows XP.

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