Online tools

In the past, I had to run my own CMS, forums, download whatever section such as this one and you’ll know that I’ve ran Geeklog for many years till recently this year when I switched over to VMWare a lot and to WordPress.

That made me wonder about the killer app that has elude the media for so many years. Email as they put it, was the killer app. The one app that everyone use and cannot live without. So has the new killer app arrived? I believe so. So what is it?

It is a multiple combination of apps I would say. From file sharing sites, MASHUP sites, photos sites, social networking, free forums systems, blog/ CMS systems, what the word now know as Web Two Point Zero.

So what is Web 2.0? It’s what you and your kids may have already been using. Programming languages like AJAX or sites like YouTube all uses these. It’s computing, on the Internet. Lesser and lesser processing could well be needed by your desktop computers in the years to come, yet, our computers are becoming more and more powerfulto the average home users leaving them with a lot of processing power and nothing much to process.

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