Hello Firefox 2

I’m back to firefox 2. Well, yes Firefox 3 “seemed” faster and all but some stuffs just do not work and one sort of big thing to me is embedding of Flash in forums I frequent and it irritates the hell out of me and it seems some others too. Flash videos embedded in forums systems like vBulletin or even phpBB do not work in Firefox 3 and it is a well known problem with no much help anywhere. I even read about the problem may lies with IP version 6. oh comon! So who uses Flash videos so you can embed them in forums? Youtube and Vimeo of course!

On top of that, some Internet Banking services in Singapore like DBS, it works for DBS but repeated “please wait for applet to load” is irritating. Then Citibank and OCBC just do not work and I do not think it should be them who should be finding a solution but more to Mozilla/ Firefox’s developers.

So for the time being, it’s back to Fire 2.0.17 for me. It’s easy to do using Firefox’s Profile Manager. Read about it here. It allows me to run both 2 and 3 at the same time if needed to test stuffs out like the 360 pano I created.

Another plus will be some “Add-ons” I was using can now come back I guess. Other add on are of no problem like FireFTP and Adblock. Who needs to install another FTP client when you can do it in Firefox itself?! 🙂

Another classic case of new things may not be good things…

Download older Firefox(es) here.


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