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This is to the m/billions of Facebook, Friendster users around the world. Stop wasting your time. I do understand the complexity and at times usefulness of these apps but seriously, they are your “friends”?

2 recent studies by the University of Georgia (UOG) and The State University of Michigan(SUM).

Extract from the SUM report “Facebook usage was found to interact with measures of psychological well-being, suggesting that it might provide greater benefits for users experiencing low self-esteem and low life satisfaction.”

Low self esteem and low life satisfaction. Very true but of course, I already hear arguments about non facebook users having low self esteem but that’s not the point. Narcissism, classic mythology will tell you was about a youth who fell in love with his own image. I long wonder when such a study will evolved and here they are.

People are always looking for the next thing, peer pressures don’t help either. “Are you on Facebook”? Add me leh…heard oo often…

If you’re that good like Julia Allison reported in Wired not too long ago. That could really have and may reap you the returns you think you might have. What happened to the age old – never place your photos on the Internet? it’s everywhere, faceshots and of course, easily accessible Youtube videos of hot girls (to not so hot to the downright…hideous!) wearing next to nothing doing some really intimidating dance moves.

I know good friends not through all these sites but through face to face interaction from hobbist sites then we decided to meetup then to work related meetings. Found something in common and really clicked. Not too much different? It’s hell a lot different. There is not a need to maintain a linkage of sorts within online apps like Facebook, write on their wall, update your profiles, update your twitter…poke them even??? Just to what? Let them know what you are doing? The last time I checked, real friends do not care actually what you are doing, who you are with, a ring and they meet up in times of needs or to catch up. But oh, there’s Facebooks groups too…

Straitstimes Review – When Facebook Destroys Lives by Joanne Lee 1 Nov 2008, given all that can go wrong with these troublesome Facebook one-liners, why do we still insist on updating them? simply put, it’s to tell the world (those on our friends list anyway) what’s happening in our lives and elicit a reaction from them” Well, it has cost lives before and it might just wil again as reminded by ST’s Joanne Lee about how people killed over jealousy, a new kind of jealousy when a spouse updated their facebook caused so much anger that the other killed her. I’ve seen my fair share of “wars” breaking out on tech forums, AMD vs Intel, nVidia vs ATI, my PC is faster than yours, mine can overclock more, mine run on water…that’s so yesterday, mine runs on nitrogen dude….but seeing someone killed over such social networking sites, that’s new…

So what the hell does poking in Facebook helped in within ones life? I had to find out, I clicked on my forgot password link, got myself relogged into Facebook again, took a look at an event I shot panos of commercially again, joined it but got logged off for dunno what reason(s). Got my “significant other” to copy and paste the event to me via email. I just guess more will actually see the site if it’s on a normal webpage? Targetted audience of choice maybe but I can’t imagine older folks who will travel at that age range be using Facebook in the first place.

I logged in again a few days later, curious like many others before me, oooh…I had long pending friends request! I actually have them?! Saw some collegues, old and some existing ones, clicked a lot more ignore than Confirm then Ignore ALL notification about some pokes, some gives, some I do not know what and it really dawned on me about why people can be addicted on it. No HTML to learn and hell a lot different from Blogging. An actual webpage for the Narcissist in all of us! How time wasting. I do however appreciate the developers in the apps that are available but maybe it’ll do more good if you actually do something useful like Google’s Android? hell! Even updating and contributing to any Wikipedia? or for the irony of it…updating the Facebook information page on Wikipedia? hahahaa

As with all things else, smoking kills, we still smoke. What else is harmful, we do it too, Facebook wastes time, people do it too, by the millions of people, everyday….and if they do not? Till the nextsocial networking site comes along like the many before Facebook we’ve seen, Myspace, Friendster, such sites will still continue to grow to a certain extend but like Frienster whose regular users could be older now with the younger netizens going after Facebook, it could just not be as sustainable.


University of Georgia- Facebook profiles can be used to detect narcissism | Link 2

The State University of Michigan- The Benefits of Facebook “Friends:” Social Capital and College Students’ Use of Online Social Network Sites | Link 2

Innovations that you can see/ help and not waste time…

A Facebook Song…

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  1. This is just pathetic.

    When you’re laid off, you are laid off. Your peers may understand better? yes? but you’re still without a job. Spend the time you spend on bitching about loosing jobs on twitter or Facebook, on getting a job may well, get you a job earlier!

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