Windows 7 Adventure

Installing it has been a somewhat adventure.

Problem 1, SCSI Harddisk not detected on Adaptec 29160 or 19160. Vista can see the disks, Windows XP can see the disk but no, not Windows 7. The latest operating system from Microsoft. Officially, Adaptec replied they will not be supporting it. Just google about this, tons of threads in various forums.

Should I give up on my SCSI or use the work around described? Hell NO!

Install Vista 64 bit then upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate? Doesn’t work for me either.

The files do not work for me either. There’s no way to upgrade.

There’s some way of working around but well, I gave that up too.

Problem 2, Use an IDE harddisk, thinking of installing Win7 on it first then clone it over using Acronis. Error, unable to create a new system partition, oh well, this was easy. Make that harddisk a primary disk, not a logical one. You can do this with a Vista installation disc or a XP installation disk.

After successfully installing Win7 on the IDE harddisk, install the files found here in this thread. It worked for my 19160 too. Direct download link is here. Once you have those drivers forced into Win7’s throat, Acronis it over and you’ll be booting Windows 7 happily.



Got the drivers for my S510 here.

Checkpoint Secure Remote

No client for 64 bit OS anywhere! Use XP Mode in Windows 7 won’t work either. I rebuilt from all the scraps from my torn apart rack to build on more system just for work.

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  1. Recently, i changed my motherboard to the P5E WS, upgrade the old 8800GTS from EVGA to 2 x 3870 x 2 with Crossfire. I keep having this funny error detecting some problems when I added 2 x raptors as RAID 0 to my board. Windows 7 does it again, it automatically resolved it. See on how to enable the driver search, it clearly works. I was having the same exact same problem as this guy and I do not have any driver CD. I got the board 2nd hand.

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