All companies must aspire to be like Windscribe

Windscribe’s latest blog post is what companies must aspire to be.

There has been too much of those so call review sites and even sites that teaches you how to game the Google Algorithm in hopes to have your site appear on first page/ high up on Google results. In the end, we get garbage “reviews” and “results” that no only hinder our learning or purchase decisions. Reputable sites has succumb to the pressure of trying to get their sites onto Page 1 too. CNET, Toms Guide even news publication NYTimes, they could have been legitamite when the article was written but as time passed, everyone is doing such nonsense, and yes, I am lumping you into the same trash bag.

When was the last time you read a truthly written review from someone that has actually used the product being reviewed? Not a copy and pasted or from SEO-Optimised sites? Top 10 VPN for 2021, Top 3 Full Frame cameras for the beginners, Top Drones for travel. Best site to use with no programming knowledge to setup a website…I am so sick of it.

Windscribe pointing out racing to the top has put subscribers, the real paying cusomters at the losing end. There is no 2 ways about it. When companies pay for CPM, for marketing, for advertisements, to teach review sites, influencers, youtubers who may not even know what VPN or everything else that is Too 19 in their articles…is or even what it stands for… simple math. prices goes up for the product. Windscribe daring to take the route of stopping their affilicate program is to be appaud! It takes guts and planning. Someone right at the top thinking about it and saying, that is it. This nonsense must stop.

The issue of privacy cannot be overstated. They have pointed out the irony of using a VPN yet ads are in the mix and when ads are in the mix, there are tracking most of the time. Recent news on whatsapp and evil empire Facebook has cause much concern.

What can you do? Take the small but important steps of NOT reading such reviews. Don’t click on them no matter how tempting or coickbait-y it seemed. It will slowly but surely die off.


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