A year with FreeNAS and Unraid


It has been 1.5 years since i ditched my Drobo. It broke during the beginning of the pandemic. A year and more has passed.


Its rock stable. At one point, I had 100+ days of zero reboot. I just feel at times, it’s under-utilised. Don’t get me wrong, it is great for being a pure NAS and direct replacement to the drobo. If it was only that and just that, it is perfect. It is after tinkering with the VMs and the recent development of TrueNAS and TrueNAS Scale that really got the community excited. It runs stable, easy to recover from any disaster. I’ve also learnt that having too greedy on the retention period is too much at 4 weeks. It was eating up all the space in the zfs pool. Have down it to a week since I usually notice something has been accidentally deleted within the day.


It’s somewhat stable but its not Unraid’s fault. I had too much fun and kept adding dockers and VMs to it. it’s so simple that it can get a little out of hand. If only there is a real, true and native ZFS support without all the plugins, commands, tinkering. Next versions I hope.


So I finally built my first Ryzen back in July 2021. Been almost a decade and a new computer… DDR4 and all. Yeah DDR5 seem to be on the horizon…I’ve offloaded heavier VMs to Unraid2, PRTG, Backup, webserver that serves the 360 panoramas. The plan was to migrate to a more powerful one but a year in, this Ryzen became my main rig for stitching panos and those small Davinci Resolve work. The older 4 core 8 thread 3770K (long live LGA 1155, long live DDR3!) was used instead and I found out it is easy to tax it’s performance. With a Ubuntu, Kemp and 3 x Windows 10 running, the CPU hovers at 80%-90% all the time.

There isn’t much to complain about. The community has been good and most things needed can be done and it has long resolved all my NAS problems with the Drobo and allowed so much more to be done with VMs and Dockers and apps.


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