How hard can it be? Dedicated to @Todayonline

Dear Friend(s) at Today,

It seems you are not that clever enough to be using so here is a help file to help you solve all the many times you seem to be posting an image but the link is never up.

If a nobody like me can do this, a whole company with departments setup and delicated staff doing this cannot?

Logging in

LinkinProfile immediately found any pictures that already has a link and is shown here.


Added to an existing image

The link is shown immediately.

Your links are can be 10 mins, 1 hour whatever time late. Someone under you is not updating it or you as themillennial manager is not doing it.

So what’s your excuse now?


your friend @itcow


  1. but really, why? why do you feel the need to be snarky about something like this? i don’t get it. your content on ig is cool, but don’t need to be so snarky about a link in profile like this i guess.

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