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Geeklog 1.3.8sr2 released!

Go grab a copy @

From Geeklog

Tuesday, October 14 2003 @ 04:30 PM EDT
Contributed by:


Views: 321

Following on the heels of

is 1.3.8-1sr2, available as a (tiny)
as well as a

complete tarball

Jouko Pynnonen found a way to trick the new "forgot password"
feature, that was only introduced in 1.3.8, into letting an attacker
change the password for any account. This release addresses
this issue – there were no other changes.

Users of 1.3.7sr3 are not affected (as the feature simply didn’t
exist there).

bye, Dirk

Forum 2.0 Plugin for GL released!

Will be updating ITCoW’s forum with this version later/ soon but the forum within this site is yet to be officially released. Well, people you did asked for a forum based on the recent poll but it seems no one is using it anyway…

Read this for more info on this new forum 2.0 release @ http://www.geeklog.net/article.php?story=20030207110049368

Gallery fix for GL 1.3.7

Thanks to jlhughes

From: GL’s site.

fix for gallery 1.3.2-geeklog 1.3.7

Authored by: jlhughes on Tuesday, December 24 2002 @ 11:00 AM EST
In the gallery/classes/geeklog/user.php find the two lines with

$this->isAdmin = SEC_inGroup(‘Root’, ‘$uid’);

and change them to

$this->isAdmin = SEC_inGroup(‘Root’);

This will enable Gallery to test for Root user under Geeklog 1.3.7 changes to lib-security.php.