Add Media in WordPress goes missing

What has been causing the missing “Add Media” buttons to disappear in WordPress, from 2.6x onwards has always baffled me. i foundout today that it is Customize1.0.1 Allows easy customization of templates. By Julien De Luca from Disable that if you are not using it and the Add media buttons will appear once again.… Continue reading Add Media in WordPress goes missing

Happy Birthday Google

Happy Birthday and I really want to give you this rack if I could. Google has changed not only mine but I believe many around the word with for one thing, SPAM free emails! Just one thought, could we please get more POP3 accounts checked in a single GMail account please. If you do see… Continue reading Happy Birthday Google

Web 2.0

Here’s social networking, one of the web 2.0 technology I was talking about, in it’s hardcore truth.


Fake Steve Jobs. Funny stuffs…book out soon too. 

Fedora rattles…

Fedora Core 1 Transferred to Fedora Legacy
With the release of Fedora Core 3 Test 2, the Fedora Steering Committee would
like to announce the transfer of Fedora Core 1 to the Fedora Legacy Project.

This represents a one month extension from the original timetable – an extension
we hope will enable the Fedora Legacy Project to receive considerably better
quality access to the codebase.

For more information on the Fedora Legacy Project, or if you wish to join the
team please see


btw, Fedora 3 is out…