I’ve ditched Drobo

I got the Drobo Gen 3 on 28 Feb 2015. It gave me a good 5 years of ease. It met the requirement of install and forget, allow me to add harddisk as I go while providing redundancies and allow me to swop out the already installed harddisk when I want to upgrade. As of early May 2020, it runs with 2 x 8Tb and 2 x 4Tb.

It went into a infinite loop of reboots in Apr 2020. It was the covid19 pandemic and Singapore is on partial stay home order we call the Circuit Breaker. Newegg managed to deliver a 8Tb harddisk. Popped it in, it booted up fine. I was testing out FreeNAS on a spare PC so popped in all the 4Tb I have on hand and rushed through the last few tests I wanted to feel confident for it to hold my production data. Photos of my children, from them being pulled out of the womb to their growing up photos. These are irreplaceable. There are also the assignment shoots and past projects that are important as well.

Don’t make the mistake of building a FreeNAS or for the matter, even getting a Drobo or Synology and not testing it. Trying to Google how to replace a failed harddisk the right way when it has failed is the way to get things worse that it is. Get your array up, pull a drive, see what error message appears. What to do to replace the harddisk properly.

As of July 2020, I’m using both FreeNAS and UNraid. I have them synced and one more copy to a 8Tb that’s on my main desktop PC. There is also the continuous backup to Opendrive with unlimited space but I’ve found there is a lag of 3 months of data at times. It takes time to sync to Opendrive cloud.

I hope not to go back to fully close systems like Drobo or Synology. Your harddrives fail, you buy new ones, you pop it in, it rebuilds. If your Drobo fails, you’re stuck. You’ll have no access to your files or photos in the Drobo just like me when it went into a reboot loop. You can of course, get a new Drobo. They do have an (costly) upgrade path…With FreeNAS and UNraid, if your drive fails, you buy new ones, you rebuild. If your hardware fail, your boot device, USB drive, SSD you install UNraid into fail, you replace. it boots up. Your motherboard fails, you take out all the harddrives and install them on any other motherboard with the same number of ports. you do not have to care if harddrive 1 was in port 1, or harddrive 2 was in port 2. Just install all the harddrives in, connect all the harddrive into the motherboard and boot it up. It will be imported automatically.

For me, FreeNAS (11.3-U2):

  • Enterprise class stuffs, ZFS.
  • Reading the Forums usually will an answer already as others have encountered it.
  • If I was using this strictly as a Drobo replacement only. It is superb and it’s cheap. Im running a 8 year old motherboard with DDR3 rams in it. I’ve tried replacing the motherboard. The USB drive it boots from. It just won’t die. The data are always intact. Search youtube on people intentionally trying to kill FreeNAS. It’s robust. It refuses to die.
  • Compression built in is great.
  • Out of the box snapshots. Roll back to any file version you please within Windows.
  • Encryption is great but I did ransomware myself during one test when i forgot to export my latest keys after a hard drive swop test.
  • Lawrence Systems on Youtube is all you need to get started. Professional video, to the point. No techno music. He knows his shit and he knows it well.

UNraid (6.8.3):

  • The community is more readily to help.
  • You’ll see more newbie question. The crowd is generally different. Home users etc.
  • Generally slower even with a SSD cache disk.
  • VM and Docker containers are awesome, easy. Managed to run Fedora, Apache, Windows 10, PRTG with ease.
  • GUI is great.
  • ZFS support is not native. I’m not using anything that is not native for now.
  • Snapshots are not native. Command lines available in BTRFS or ZFS.
  • Help videos on Youtube…you’ll run into SpaceInvaderOne at some point if you are using UNraid. It’s not the highest production quality and i like techno but not when it’s blaring so loudly when trying to listen to what he’s trying to explain.


  • Limited expandability. With the 5D Gen 3. You are stuck with 4 bays. Forever. There’s also the Drobo B810n 8-Bay. Sure. It cost 1.8K USD. You can build a FreeNAS/ UNraid and have money left to upgrade your main computer with a brand new monitor, keyboard and mouse.
  • Proprietary technology. you break it, you MUST go back to them.
  • Install and forget. Easy peasy.
  • Photographers love it as with Synology too. Not everyone knows how to build a PC. There’s more free time I hope with the covid19, maybe time to learn a new life skill.

Running FreeNAS and UNraid alone are not backup solutions. Having one of them or even both of them and not doing backup will be your fault when you lost things.

C Loop

This is not a C Loop. This is a dream come true for the makers!

Generic Host process for Win32 and Svchost.exe Error

This may solve it but it breaks more things for me than solve it. Network file sharing stopped working in Windows XP and names are unable to be resolve, even using IP addresses directly gives error.

A replacement to email.

Send a Wave. Not an email in future. Very promising. Will sure use it! It’s businesses catching up that’ll be the bitch. It sure will speed up a lot of things in office for me!


They though of a lot of things, CC/BCC replacement, real time typing (to replace xxx is typing a message), adding more people to the Wave instead of more recipients…

Files Sync

Synctoy is really showing it’s age.

Moving files into a folder and syncing them to another PC will move those files in the destination into a newly created folder but the source on the destination computer will not be removed leaving copies of the files on the destination.

Try http://allwaysync.com/, seems to work better.

Recall Gmails


When will Microsoft Learn?

From here.

We just need simple editions and you still want to confuse everyone? So there’ll still be Windows 7 Enterprise, Home Basic, Starter Edition, Ultimate on top of the what you call STREAMLINE product lineup of 2 PRIMARY edition of Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional.

That’s just as confusing and as waste time as Windows Vista in naming conventions. Can we have simply, WIndows 7 Ultimate, Home and Business. FULLSTOP.  3 Editions, simple!


MSN Messages from tons of people around the world seems to be having this and not suprisingly, it’s the usual friends who are sending this or have got this kind of problems…

Just don’t log in if you still do not think it is suspicious.


Still not convinced? Read the fine print…


What upcoming community? That just sounds dumb. Want more? How about a company from Panama City? Dubious enough for you?

Visit AboutUs.org for more information about cefcell.com
<a href=”http://www.aboutus.org/cefcell.com”>AboutUs: cefcell.com</a>

Registration Service Provided By: NameCheap.com
Contact: support@NameCheap.com
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Domain name: cefcell.com

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TST Management, Inc
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Administrative Contact:
TST Management, Inc
Jeff Fisher (tstmanagement@gmail.com)
Fax: +1.
Edificio Magna Corp. 5th Floor, Office 511
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Technical Contact:
TST Management, Inc
Jeff Fisher (tstmanagement@gmail.com)
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Status: Locked

Name Servers:

Creation date: 13 May 2007 03:03:09
Expiration date: 13 May 2009 03:03:09

Wanna help? Sign up tstmanagement@gmail.com for all the SPAM list you can find. hahahahahahaha or simply, blog about this email address tstmanagement@gmail.com and it’s sure to be get picked up by Google or some other search engine’s bot and get listed somewhere again and get picked up by some SPAM bots along the way. Or write to Google’s Gmail and tell them to disable the SPAM filter for this specific account?


On another note, seems like Community Site Friendster having some problem since last night with people reporting to have Friends “missing” or “lost”, so pathetic users who need Friendster to keep in touch or maintain a friendship or for the matter, any relationship, screw you. Pick up the phone and call those friends that you seriously want to keep in contact in the first place…

Add Media in WordPress goes missing

What has been causing the missing “Add Media” buttons to disappear in WordPress, from 2.6x onwards has always baffled me. i foundout today that it is Customize1.0.1 Allows easy customization of templates. By Julien De Luca from http://www.jide.fr/francais/

Disable that if you are not using it and the Add media buttons will appear once again. Updated all my sites to 2.6.3 after that. I had all along thought it was WP’s problem haha, so now, where’s the mutiple add images function in WP? Guess needs more waiting…or 3rd party plugins…

Hello Firefox 2

I’m back to firefox 2. Well, yes Firefox 3 “seemed” faster and all but some stuffs just do not work and one sort of big thing to me is embedding of Flash in forums I frequent and it irritates the hell out of me and it seems some others too. Flash videos embedded in forums systems like vBulletin or even phpBB do not work in Firefox 3 and it is a well known problem with no much help anywhere. I even read about the problem may lies with IP version 6. oh comon! So who uses Flash videos so you can embed them in forums? Youtube and Vimeo of course!

On top of that, some Internet Banking services in Singapore like DBS, it works for DBS but repeated “please wait for applet to load” is irritating. Then Citibank and OCBC just do not work and I do not think it should be them who should be finding a solution but more to Mozilla/ Firefox’s developers.

So for the time being, it’s back to Fire 2.0.17 for me. It’s easy to do using Firefox’s Profile Manager. Read about it here. It allows me to run both 2 and 3 at the same time if needed to test stuffs out like the 360 pano I created.

Another plus will be some “Add-ons” I was using can now come back I guess. Other add on are of no problem like FireFTP and Adblock. Who needs to install another FTP client when you can do it in Firefox itself?! 🙂

Another classic case of new things may not be good things…

Download older Firefox(es) here.