Fuck Kemp

yeah, that’s my VM name for KEMP as I must have reinstalled it at least 10 times. I finally gave up and tried to figure out NGINX and wished I had tried it earlier. It’s about 10 lines of code. upstream vt.itcow.com { server 192.xxx.xxx.xxx:8080; server 192.xxx.xxx.xxx:8881; server 192.xxx.xxx.xxx:8880; } server { listen 80; location… Continue reading Fuck Kemp

A better Let’s Encrypt with Namecheap Hosting with Cloudflare

Following up to the last post. Networkchuck released a video on load balancing and got me thinking. Hey! That’s not what I need but the parts on Cloudflare is exactly what I needed! A quick check and it allows 2 important criteria. 1. The cert do not expire quickly or at least auto renew. 2.… Continue reading A better Let’s Encrypt with Namecheap Hosting with Cloudflare

Robocyop Error 0x8007003B.

  2020/10/17 12:36:07 ERROR 59 (0x0000003B) Copying File D:\FN_Drobo_Bkup1\Utilities\UNRaid\BKUP\VM\Ubun2\10112020_0405AM_vdisk1.img An unexpected network error occurred.   I gave up. I simply deleted all the files that were giving this error since they were big files and are backup of VMs within unraid. There’s been a longer and longer thread here.

A replacement to email.

Send a Wave. Not an email in future. Very promising. Will sure use it! It’s businesses catching up that’ll be the bitch. It sure will speed up a lot of things in office for me! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_UyVmITiYQ They though of a lot of things, CC/BCC replacement, real time typing (to replace xxx is typing a message),… Continue reading A replacement to email.

Files Sync

Synctoy is really showing it’s age. Moving files into a folder and syncing them to another PC will move those files in the destination into a newly created folder but the source on the destination computer will not be removed leaving copies of the files on the destination. Try http://allwaysync.com/, seems to work better.