Robocyop Error 0x8007003B.

  2020/10/17 12:36:07 ERROR 59 (0x0000003B) Copying File D:\FN_Drobo_Bkup1\Utilities\UNRaid\BKUP\VM\Ubun2\10112020_0405AM_vdisk1.img An unexpected network error occurred.   I gave up. I simply deleted all the files that were giving this error since they were big files and are backup of VMs within unraid. There’s been a longer and longer thread here.

A replacement to email.

Send a Wave. Not an email in future. Very promising. Will sure use it! It’s businesses catching up that’ll be the bitch. It sure will speed up a lot of things in office for me! They though of a lot of things, CC/BCC replacement, real time typing (to replace xxx is typing a message),… Continue reading A replacement to email.

Files Sync

Synctoy is really showing it’s age. Moving files into a folder and syncing them to another PC will move those files in the destination into a newly created folder but the source on the destination computer will not be removed leaving copies of the files on the destination. Try, seems to work better.

MSN Messages from tons of people around the world seems to be having this and not suprisingly, it’s the usual friends who are sending this or have got this kind of problems… Just don’t log in if you still do not think it is suspicious. Still not convinced? Read the fine print… What upcoming community?… Continue reading