Detonator driver for Win XP 43.00 released!

Use at your own risk.

With all the commotion around Longhorn, Windows XP SP2 and our downtime
yesterday, (due to a broken router outside IPS control) the latest nvidia
Detonator Drivers 43.00 for 9X/ME/2000/XP seem to off taken a back seat here at
Neowin. Well no more! Thanks first of all to nekrosoft13 for posting
about them in BPN. Warp2search has compiled together a list of mirrors which we
hope is of use to you:

  • Increased performance in C&C Generals,
  • Unreal 2 and other major games
  • Tweaked from download
  • Smaller in size than reference 43.00 (7.8 megs as opposed to 24 megs)


Toys for real boys!

oh my, check out this cool kettle that suits! ha! While there @ do check out the following too!


Remote Control Hovercraft


Firebird XL
– Remote Control Aeroplane


Remote Control Sub


WOW! Remote control everything they have! There’s also a

, no not one of those, just check it out. This site is gonna have
us spending some money coming month! It has all the toy big boys dream of and

Who needs a handheld device?

Who needs a Palm when there the Sony C1MT1. See, of course it comes at a *price*…well, considering yourself buying a laptop/ Palm and 3.5megapixel digital camera all roll into one does make the price add up. Or does it?

“For those who play as hard as they work, the Sony VAIO? C1 PictureBook? Series combines a full-featured PC functionality with digital imaging capabilities for a unique mobile PC multimedia computing experience. From powerful battery-friendly processing to integrated digital camera, the Sony VAIO? C1 PictureBook? goes beyond computing!”

M1 offers free WLAN to all.

M1 is offering FREE
wireless Internet access at a few locations, I am just wondering how to surf @
Safe Superstore, Jurong Point, sit in the corridor with my laptop? haha Anyway,
it’s a limited time (what you think then?!) offer and last till 31 March 2003,
well, cheap way of getting "testers" for their WLAN I guess. You don’t have to
be a existing M1 customer to surf on.


M1’s page
on this offer!

I hope to see Singapore covered with WLAN all around and access to all of
them free! If newspaper can be free, I don’t see why public Internet access
needs to pay, surely they can do something like offset the prices with
advertising, like forcing those ads into our throats kinda advertisements. We
live around ads, no way to do without them anyway.

Now, let’s "walk on some sunhine" freely but "for a limited time"….

All in one handheld, everything you can except!

Everything in but bulky then again what to except, it does have everything!

From: Sony

The new Palm Powered? PEG-NZ90 CLI? handheld pushes the envelope of handheld computing, featuring the new Palm OS? v. 5.0.*1 as well as an ARM-compliant 200 MHz CPU for enhanced overall performance and exceptional multimedia experience.

The built-in 2 Mega-pixel camera supports UXGA resolution (1600×1200) for high quality still photos, and includes several enhancements, such as 2X Digital Zoom, Strobe Flash, Auto Focus, and Manual Exposure Adjustment, to help make your photos look their best. You can also record and playback video (MPEG-4) and store it on Memory Stick? media.*2

Built-in Bluetooth? technology allows you to pair your CLI? handheld with other Bluetooth? compatible peripheral devices. HotSync? your CLI? handheld with a Bluetooth? enabled VAIO? PC, exchange data or play games between CLI? handhelds using Bluetooth?, or connect to the Internet via mobile phone with built-in Bluetooth? — all wirelessly (Bluetooth? compatible peripherals sold separately and internet service provider required)! These are only a few of the possibilities.

Cool speakers – ProMedia GMX D-5.1


Discover the excitement digital 5.1 audio brings to your GAMES, MUSIC and MOVIES. Klipsch delivers the ultimate in surround action with ProMedia? GMX D-5.1
Klipsch has been rockin’ the multimedia nation for 3+ years with the world’s most award-winning ProMedia? personal audio systems.

Now, after years of research and state-of-the-art industrial design, the gauntlet is thrown down again. By combining musical excellence plus dynamics and digital decoding, Klipsch has created a new performance/value-defining system, delivering the ultimate in surround action with the new ProMedia? GMX D-5.1.

Discover the excitement digital 5.1 audio brings to your GAMES, MUSIC and MOVIES The Klipsch ProMedia GMX line is aimed to draw you into the experience.