MSN Messages from tons of people around the world seems to be having this and not suprisingly, it’s the usual friends who are sending this or have got this kind of problems… Just don’t log in if you still do not think it is suspicious. Still not convinced? Read the fine print… What upcoming community?… Continue reading cefcell.com

Add Media in WordPress goes missing

What has been causing the missing “Add Media” buttons to disappear in WordPress, from 2.6x onwards has always baffled me. i foundout today that it is Customize1.0.1 Allows easy customization of templates. By Julien De Luca from http://www.jide.fr/francais/ Disable that if you are not using it and the Add media buttons will appear once again.… Continue reading Add Media in WordPress goes missing

Hello Firefox 2

I’m back to firefox 2. Well, yes Firefox 3 “seemed” faster and all but some stuffs just do not work and one sort of big thing to me is embedding of Flash in forums I frequent and it irritates the hell out of me and it seems some others too. Flash videos embedded in forums… Continue reading Hello Firefox 2

Online tools

In the past, I had to run my own CMS, forums, download whatever section such as this one and you’ll know that I’ve ran Geeklog for many years till recently this year when I switched over to VMWare a lot and to WordPress. That made me wonder about the killer app that has elude the… Continue reading Online tools

mScape in Singapore!

Last November, i wrote about HP’s mScape technology, it’s here! in Singapore. There is a new playground for Singaporeans to head to for some fun and relaxation now that HortPark has been officially unveiled to the public. Officially opened by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on May 10, HortPark is Southeast Asia’s first one-stop gardening… Continue reading mScape in Singapore!

Remember the guy who ate his words?

Yep, he did, remember Bob Metcalfe? He ate his coloumn remember? Yep, ate it when he say the Internet will “die”. http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/6.11/metcalfe.html Well, yes, it did not and has not. Also check out how happy he was eating it after. http://www.merit.edu/mail.archives/nanog/1997-04/msg00192.html oh, by the way, he founded 3COM.