die vista die!

I couldn’t take it any longer. Even so when it wasn’t my personal laptop, I’m using a free macbook now, that came with my ISP. It’s rather common in Singapore to have ISP tie up such deals with the fruit company, HP even Lenovo. My gal’s laptop a LG Z1 Pro, looks good on the… Continue reading die vista die!

Digitalise Scent

Scent. One of the many things that technology hasn’t been able to actually digitalise, store, retrieve, read, write over and over again. Replaying them over and over again. There were many companies during the dot.com era with promising (after getting pumped with lotsa money) technology and approach in digitalising scent. I have long wanted this… Continue reading Digitalise Scent

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Cyber Athletes

Athletes?! Nowadays, everyone’s exercising it seems. I’m moving my thumb and typing this. I’m actually an athlete too? The media has over glorified as to one reader recently wrote to a local papers mentioning about the over glorification of computer gaming guys (and gals) who won money, going for some bigger competition (they call it… Continue reading Cyber Athletes

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Vpost Woes…

Payment after payment, I really feel like giving up on my books from Amazon.com 19 Oct 2007 – Books Order – Total cost $69.34USD 19 Oct 2007 – Send Invoice to Vpost USA 23 Oct 2007 – No reply from Vpost USA, reminder mail sent 2 Nov 2007 07.30am – Amazon.com confirmed item shipped. 8… Continue reading Vpost Woes…

Blue on domain names

I made a switch and I am lucky it was “a”, not a few. I switch over to 1and1 for one of my domains. I’ve been with Namecheap for 7 years and over the years and my now defunct hosting business, registered close to 2800 domain names through them. oh, those were good times. Reading… Continue reading Blue on domain names

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The truth. Your PC will not be able to take 1Gbps even your network is 1Gbps in speed. Oct 16 2007’s Digital Life, 58.3MB per sec attained on a demo Fibre to the Home network, Hong Kong broadband network staff did just that speed while a ADSL 6Mbps did 621KB transferring a full DVD of… Continue reading 1Gbps?

The Best SPAM filter

No if you’re thinking of Outlook even with all it’s patches from Microsoft
and not even to their 2007 or older 2003 versions. The SPAM filter out there and
you can ask anyone who has used it before, is Gmail. The highly popular web mail
from Google that striked the Internet one day offering One Full Gigabyte of
webspace and has grown to more Gigabytes since.

It’s safe to say, a lot of people are having their own domain, if not domains
nowadays, it’s cheap to own your own name now anyway but the kind and amount of
SPAM coming into these mailboxes are overwhelming. I’ve setup most of my POP3
accounts to be retrieved by Gmail and I can access all of them from one
interface, GMAIL style.

Read about Mail Fetcher


Diligently ticking and clicking Report SPAM also does help yourself in
reducing SPAM so, do yourself a favour, do it.

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