Make up your mind!

Make up your mind.

THis is contradicting, first we hear of people telling us not to download or
share music online as it what again, "make singers become a sex symbols", make
some aggresive (so as to stand out?) or whatever. Then I saw this >
That tell users to PLEASE SHARE! Support peer to peer music sharing and

This will be confusing for the general computer user. "Is this legal or not
anyway? I mean I’ve heard of some organisation coming down hard on individuals
in Asia pacific for using peer to peer software to download music (mp3) and
movies (divx). If they’re doing it, or rather, if so many of them are doing it,
one is one more?". I’ve heard that thousands of time in the course of my work,
honestly, I think the music industry is going the wrong way. Telling people that
they’re loosing money due to the fact that what they’re selling is being
"stolen" online and distributed via P2P software or tell users a song cost $1,
times $1 to each song in your hard drive, that’ll go down in your crime report
if online downloading of music was illegal. Please lah! (pardon the singlish)
Honestly, users don’t care! What have music labels, singers done in the past to
prevent this? NOTHING! I remember buying my first compact disc (original mind
you) Egnima for $29.90 Singapore dollars, nothing inside, a lousy designed cover
(which was cool at that time), the plastic cover and then of course the CD.

Now, they market "2 CDs for the price of one" or poster with each purchase
etc. If they had done that before P2P was here, I think fans would have been or
could have stayed loyal more easily. How much is the music industry making all
these years? A singer sings, record it once and it’s sold millions of times,
again and again. Users complain also of buying one whole album for just a single
song they like in that full album. That’s dumb. Why pay when I can get it free

Head in the right direction and wake up Music Industry
singers/producers/whatever. You being a sex symbol is cause you want it to.
You’ve got the voice but your company just wouldn’t sell you, you bare more skin
and you sell. Don’t worry my dear about you sounding like a rooster when the sun
dawn in a farm, so long you look good/ willing to bare skin, money flows into
your label company, you continue singing. You sound good, you make a one hit
wonder then you disappear. FULL STOP.

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Someone\’s shitting on

Cybersquatters. Who are they? We (or rather I/me, “only” if you must…) have
the impression that they are individuals who buy a domain name at a low/ normal
rate and then resell it to anyone who wants it. Is it worth having with everyone

going to court
order for Madonna to get it back. Also, read

which is related.

But are they really just individuals? I happen to know of companies
who squatted on my domain when it expired and guess what, they
wanna sell it back to me at USD$28,000! What crap is that? Do a

whois on
and be amazed. What kinda crap business is that? One
that make money? or one that that will get you sued in order for people to get
their domain back? They have also claimed that it has been registered to them
for the next 5 years but:

?? Whois Server:
?? Referral URL:
?? Name Server: NS1.TO-BUY-THIS-DOMAIN-FAX-305-463-9709.COM
?? Status: ACTIVE
?? Updated Date: 20-mar-2003
?? Creation Date: 20-mar-2003
?? Expiration Date: 20-mar-2004

Do I see 20 March 2004? And for the next 5 years? That’s “BullSh*t!”!”
Even if it’s true (which it isn’t as anyone is allowed to register and prepay up
to 10 years for all .com domain names), you think I give a f_u_c_k_ing damn
about it? Screw you guys, I have
now and am as happy as before. So, squat on it till your poo
comes, let’s just see how long you can squat on it. I’ll eventually get it back
after that or who knows, another cybersquatter/company comes along, decide to
squat on it for another few years maybe. Well, I still have and could be a choice if that gets taken, or there’s one whole list
of,,,, you name it!
So squat all you one @ssholes as at the end of the day, I’ll get it back be it 1
year, 5 years or 10 years. Oh yes, and please, do set up a REAL
business for god’s sake.

Templates takes skills too!

Templates takes skills too!

Just when I thought using templates is as brainless as it can get, I see
people purchasing,
yes, purchasing instead of using those
free ones and my
GOD! They look like shi*! The bottom line is, you still need to know HTML and
preferably, Flash too, as some templates comes with Flash that WILL need
editing. See my template based site here. Yes, you can purchase it but please,
at least have something in mind before you key in those credit card of yours for
a purchase. Practice with the free templates, they come in PSD (Photoshop) and
HTML format. Then learn Flash! It’s may be easy, well, a template, I key in what
I want here, here and here, save and viola! Wait a min, why is this table bigger
than what I need, hey how to change that? I don’t know HTML/ There you go,
you’re stuck! You will also need (not saying I do but I think I fair quite well)
an eye for designing too! Bright red does not go well with Grey for christ sake
and trust me, white is the background color to manupilate with more colors. OK,
you just read a David
book but hey, that doesn’t make you a designer.

I know of kids 13-15 who dare freelance website creation for people and the
website is well, not much to look at. Hey, talking about that, some advertising
here won’t hurt anyone, will I? Hope on to etegration.NET for site creation,
development or I prefer to call "portalisation". So, get your HTML, basic Flash
(if not advance, learn actionscript if you must!), some photo editing software
like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop (I personally don’t really know that well, I am
more of a Paint Shop Pro guy), it’ll come in handy, learn Frontpage, Dreamweaver
too as these WYSIWYG editors are god-send, save you time when you don’t wanna
fiddle around with the codings. Then pick from tons of HTML based editors

. Or use what I like,
1st page 2000.

My, is this turning into an article instead of a quick "Opinion"
post. So,
to end it here, a template site may be or seem easy enough but if you ain’t got
the skills, it’s better you create something newbie looking, everyone will
understand AND don’t think you’ve learnt some Dreamweaver and know nuts of HTML,
you can create sites. There’s also the backend of a site creation such as
configuring an Apache machine. Now, don’t you have tons to learn? me? I know
I’ve tons and I am enjoying every minute of it. In the meantime, some
CS to de-stress that
day’s work…

The World is a \”right\” place…

This world has tons of things that is not built for left handers like
me. See the
new Gameboard, it’s
purely for right handers, ok, we left handers may be the minority but, is it too
much to ask for one of those be built for left handers? OK, I personally may not
buy one of those but what if you’re a lefty and wanna have one? tough luck.

Check out the nice and cool mouse from

Logitech MX 500
, cool and pretty but just too uncomfortable to hold with my
left hand!

Not to mention, cameras! The "snap" button is always on the right! So is the
zoom, always near right thumbs or the likes…Is this a conspiracy or what? haha!
Taking the MRT too, gate on
right, right hand reach for wallet and your card, tapping on it with your right
hand seems much easier than using your left.

I was doing Mechnical Engineering before I.T. and, yep, they got that covered
too. The Lathe machine
emergency stop button is, you guessed it, on my right (or at least the ones i
was using!)! Milling machine’s on off switch, easier to reach with my right and
drilling machine’s control for lowering down the drill bit, yep! on the right.

Well, if the world cannot adapt to us, we simply just have to adapt to it


For the record, check out this interesting
page on
left handers…Albert Einstein a lefty? oh, and so is Michelangelo ha!

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