Another new motherboard this year…damn, this year is a year I changed to
most boards and spent the most on hardware. So it does pay not knowing
computers! ha! Compared to some others, well, I didn’t change so many boards
after all. Anyway, in Singapore
Chaintech is a less
heard of motherboard brand or at least hard to get. They’ve only started making
motherboards like 2 years ago? I think… anyway, thanks to
Nextbyte‘s Francis, I manage to get my
hands on the Chaintech 7NJS Ultra Zenith. Satisfy your eyes by clicking
here and see what this board
offers, did I mention, it includes almost everything you ever need and more?
More like casing etc will be added tomorrow evening as it has yet to arrive…

Our Gallery also went bonkers a
few days ago, viewing of it was ok but I could not create new Albums etc,
anyway, didn’t have the time to resolve it till yesterday, it’s resolved/
rectified, fixed! Enjoy!

2 new albums.

2 new photo album added. One on the new

Aero 7+
I gotten myself and another, a

Car Rental
round SG trip with a friend. See them
here. Also, I
have edited the Gallery code to not show the right blocks, this makes reading
the albums descriptions easier and it look better.