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Got around some time to write up some articles on taking 360 pano. Take a
read here.
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I am reading
Google Story
and it got me really interested in Google as a company. Hey, we
all use it, heard about it’s successful IPO and I work in a related industry,
check out their current price, my god, $378.60! In the book, it describes how
Google did their own IPO, their leading search business and Yahoo and Microsoft
is getting into the search game and more very interesting stuffs, go get it too!
haha I’m growing to be a "googanatic", a google fanatic!

Also interesting, check out Time’s coverage, "Life
in the Googleplex
". Very interesting photo essay.

I bought

too with The Google Story. good read too.

nVidia Chipset history and the new 5xx series.

Just when I think I am needing more space, I read about the new AM2 chipset
by nVidia
from Anandtech
. A very interesting feature, massive RAID 5 and with multiple
RAID! Just great for my 2nd file server! I was intending to have important files
residing on 2 x 250Gb RAID 1 on my MSI Neo4 that comes with 8 x SATA ports then
change 2 x 250Gb to RAID 1 also then purchase 4 x 300Gb to do RAID 5 on that 1st
file server. I found out sometime ago that the PSU does not have enough juice,
it’s a good excuse to build another rig! haha Getting a board with the new AM2
with nVidia’s 5xx chipset will be great with the massive RAID 5 function! Speed
wise is not much of a concern for me, data integrity is and RAIDing 1 now kinda
really waste a lot of space, changing everything to RAID 5 might just be the
answer! hmm..the 750Gb harddisks sure looks nicer and nicer now but 3 x 750Gb
will cost like around 2.4K! but will end me up with over 2 terabyte! woohooo
gotta think now…

PPC Bridging

Sorry for not announcing this earlier, it’s been put up for sometime now and
if you have a PPC and a laptop, you can link your PPC to your laptop which acts
as a bridge to the Internet. Read about how to do it
Thanks to the author, mcmxii for contributing this to itcow.com

Everyone needs RAID 1

New article up, it’s once again on RAID and I think everyone needs some form
of RAID 1 to protect their data. This article was conceived and started out as
an Opinion turned
Enjoy! Check it out


Article on running Apache on Windows 2003 added.

Article on running Apache on Windows 2003 added.


DIY your 1U too!

Just in! DIY 1U server article is up, read it @
Articles – My
first DIY 1U server
All comments and feedback welcome. Post them in the