And then it went *poof*

And then it went *poof*

It has been in my brain for some time now and the cause of many migraine attacks on me personally and it isn’t worth the risk of my full time job and most importantly, it’s over, well almost I guess.

I’ve closed down my part time business that I maintain on my own time after I knock off from my full time job.

Here, I’ll share what I call the facts on my personal view:

1. Customer service is important but when you’re bloody asking for help, be kind and you’ll receive kindness in return. Using F* words in your request support mail will not speed things up.

2. Anyone can learn Linux, anyone can purchase or build like me 1 or 2 or heck 100 x 1U server, anyone can co located that server in a data center than claim they have a WORLD CLASS environment housing their server with "state of the art network facilities" but please, so can anyone, anyone can start their own hosting business with generally $1000 and a monthly fee of $100 or less depending what OS you run and what features you want to offer and you can call yourself anything from CEO, co founder, Manager whatever since you’re the only one in the business.

Hosting Server downtime expected.

There will be some maintenance of the server. Some clients may be affected. You will know if you are affected by typing your domain name for example and it does not load. If this happens, use the alternative followed by your userID for example Delta-PNS’s userID is simply delta, so I will enter:

This should not take longer than 8 hours to resolved.

Please e-mail or drop a note in the forum if you have problem.

News Nameservers attained.

All domain hosted @ or registered through will have new nameservers from 30 March 2003 onwards. You don’t have to do anything, we will update everything for you.

Downgrade of plan03

Please note that plan03 (Members US Plan) has been downgraded to 200mb with immediate effect, existing customers plans are downgraded in the process. Price remains the same for Plan03. All other feature remains.

Hosting Servers are up.

Servers are up and it’s so much faster! Please allow your new nameservers to
propagate (normally takes 24 – 48hours) so that you can then FTP into your
domain. If you have questions, as usual, hope on to the
forum or refer to the e-mail I have sent

Other News:


Sign up form
has been updated as plans are renamed for users to sign up more
easily. I received feedback that it’s confusing. So now, all plans has different
names and altogether we have 12 plans to choose from!

2. If you log into your plan and you see that you do not have unlimited
bandwidth, hold on while I work this out with the server guys, something is
configured wrongly. Check this space for updates.

Server downtime expected

The server is taken down as one user was hosting warez on Microsoft product. It will take some time before the server goes back online again as it has really cause overloading on the servers. That account has been suspended. Please refer to our TOS for further details. Such activity will not be tolerated.