Test WinterMute.

Test out the new theme named WinterMute! Go to your

Display Preference
AFTER you have logged you and select Wintermute under the
Theme section and then save. Go back to the main page and you’ll see the new
theme being applied throughout the whole site. I am still teaking the theme to
suit the site as some text display badly (eg light text on light colored
background). Enjoy! Post your feedback on the

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Possible theme change tonight.

Tonight, itcow.com may undergo some theme change from 7pm GMT+8 SG Time onwards. Except to see some great themes made available.

Read this for more info.

The forum will also be upgraded in the process to 2.0 so it may go down for a while.

Check back again tomorrow if the site goes down. Sorry for the inconvience and thanks for visiting!

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TA Forum migrated.

Migration of TA Forum is completed. I have moved the whole forum over without
data lost (that is anything before 10 Feb of course, you guys should know what
happen…). Let me know if you guys encountered any problems. Keep those post

For the general public, the TA Forum is a public forum not accessible by
anyone. You have to be registered via your HPPMS e-mail (if you have one), and
if you don’t know what is that, most probably you shouldn’t register in the
first place.

Hope on to the forum
you can also access it via ITCoW.com’s main page,
on the left, look for a block named Quick Links. remember to update your

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New article added! how to Geeklog!

This article has always been something I wanted to write on – Geeklog!

ITCoW.com shows you how to run your very own Geeklog site. This has taken a
lon while to write, read about why in

article. Hope it will make you run your own
Geeklog site! Keep us
posted if it
helps, we’ll love to add it to our
links page!

New article added!

It’s been a while but here’s something new! A brand new article, been kinda
busy at work recently so there was no articles, just some Hardware, Fun and Tech
news. Anyway, read how to install and run your very own Forum

, phpBB style!

Post your comments here. Thanks!

The Ultimate processor test!

By Tomshardwareguide

Tom’s Hardware tests 65 different x86 processors in over three hundred hours of benchmark testing. CPUs range from the Intel Pentium 100 from 1994 to the latest AMD Athlon XP 3000+.